2 decembrie 2013

“ Free Author Workshop in Publishing. Get Read. Publish with Springer”

În cadrul “Salonului de carte ştiintifică şi didactică”, care a avut loc în Biblioteca Ştiintifică Centrală “A. Lupan” a AŞM în zilele de 28 octombrie - 1 noiembrie a avut loc multe manifestări. Unu din care a fost: “ Free Author Workshop in Publishing. Get Read. Publish with Springer”.

It was really wonderful to find out something useful for the researchers. Dr. Franz Lettenstrom represented a brief introduction to Springer’s history and strategy. The aim of Springer is to support all the researches from many countries, which want their results of researching to be published. Many publishing offices in many countries try to publish the recent books and scientific journals for the use of the scientists. Our Library has the access to the on-line Springer publications.
The second theme of this Workshop was the lecture of Dr. Prachanth Mahagaonkar: How to write for and get published in scientific journals. There exist some rules for publishing an article or book with Springer. They teach the authors how to write the article as to be submitted, how to build the content: the beginning, the middle part and the end. What has to be the first: the title or the text. How one can write the conclusion. One of the important things is how to choose the right journal for one’s publication. When you publish with Springer there is the “Author Support Services”, which help the authors with any problem they have. The lecture was very detailed and was of great interest and very useful for those who writes the articles and is ready to publish them as to be read in the scientific society.

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